Nao Latin Gastro Bar Menus

At Nao, an exciting exploration of Latin Cuisine starts with imagination and ends with delicious flavors you will never forget. Each day is a culinary adventure to share in the company of good friends.

We frequently update our menus to reflect seasonal offerings. We offer these sample menus to whet your appetite!

  • Brunch Menu

    Small Plates

    Arugula Salad 7
    goat cheese, fennel, apple


    Burrata and Charbroiled Beets 8
    soft cheese, basil, orange


    Grilled Provoleta 11
    aged provolone, crostini, chimichurri


    Seasonal and Tropical Fruit with Yogurt 8
    citrus yogurt, puffed quinoa, agave nectar



    Torreja 11
    A Latin twist on French Toast
    cinnamon milk-soaked bread, dulce de leche, stewed plantains


    Chicken and Tortilla Chips in Tomatillo Salsa 10
    soft egg, queso fresco, white onion, cilantro


    Omelet of the Day 10
    Chef’s daily selection of filling


    Large Plates

    Grilled Beef Steak 16
    crispy fingerling potatoes, charred onions and peppers


    Duck Carnitas 16
    bulb onions, tomatillo, corn tortillas


    Cuban Sandwich 13
    mojo-marinated pork, ham, Swiss, pickle, mustard, crispy fingerling potatoes


    Red Bird Farms Roasted Chicken 14
    stewed white beans, lemon, roasted peppers



    Tender Belly Maple-Smoked Bacon 4

    Argentinian Chorizo with Chimichurri 6

    Two Cage-Free Eggs Cooked to Order 3

    Bread Box Country Loaf Toast 3

    Crispy Fingerling Potatoes 5


    Mimosa Specials

    Toso Brut 28
    Pascual Toso’s sparkling with fresh squeezed orange juice


    Cruzat Clasico 40
    Cruzat’s flagship sparkling with fresh squeezed orange juice


    Latin juices and aguas as available additional 3.00 each


    Specialty Cocktails

    Santa Sangre 8
    pisco, Aperol, Pama, cherries, sparkling rose


    Chicana 75 8
    Ancho Reyes, Campari, strawberries, lime, brut sparkling


    Mimosa 8
    traditional orange or choice of Latin fruit juice


    Latin Mary 8
    sotol, house-made mix, cilantro


    House Punch 8
    seasonal creations with Latin fruits and spirits


    Draft Beer

    Southern Star Bombshell Blonde Ale 5
    Conroe, Texas


    Alamo Amber Ale5
    San Antonio, Texas


    Karbach Weekend Warrior 5
    Houston, Texas


    Freetail Soul Doubt IPA 5
    San Antonio, Texas


    Bottle Beer

    Quilmes, Lager 6


    Xingu, Wheat Lager 6


    No Label Brew, Hefe Weizen 6
    Katy, Texas


    Victoria, Lager 6


    Non-Alcoholic Beverages

    Alessandro 5
    sweetened mango with milk


    Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice 4


    Agua Fresca 4
    water blended with fresh juice and Latin fruits


    Mate de Hierbas Argentinas 4
    herbal tea served hot

  • Lunch Menu

    Small Plates

    Soup 6
    daily special


    Shrimp Esquites 7
    charred corn, pequin chile, lime mayo, cotija cheese


    Ceviche 8
    market fish, yucca chips


    Sweet Potato Causa 8
    duck confit, Guajillo pepper sauce, apple-almond “picadillo”


    Sea Scallop Tostones 9
    pineapple, radish, orange, cilantro emulsion


    Skirt Steak Skewers 7
    citrus adobo, tomato-herb salsa


    Grilled Octopus 8
    botija olives, baby arugula, purple potatoes, smoked lemon vinaigrette, roasted garlic mayo


    Quinoa Fritters 6
    salsa verde, mango-coconut sauce


    Fish Tacos 9
    avocado-jalapeño puree, lime créma, golden beet and radish slaw



    Mixed Green Salad 4
    citrus vinaigrette


    Yucca Fries 4
    garlic-lime mojo sauce


    Potato Fries 4
    sweet and spicy ketchup


    Roasted Seasonal Vegetables 4


    Cuban style Rice and Beans 4


    Large Plates

    Cast Iron Chicken 13
    plantain fritters, coconut creamed spinach, cashew


    Roasted Vegetables 11
    black quinoa, ginger-soy vinaigrette


    Pizza 11
    smoked mushrooms, spinach, chicken, palm sugar bacon, queso blanco


    Salad Bowl 10
    mixed greens, snap peas, apple, strawberries, Brazil nuts, cucumber, cranberries, beets, queso fresco, orange-cumin vinaigrette
    *Add Chicken or Shrimp 4


    Seafood Cazuela 16
    daily selection of fresh seafood, smoked tomato, malagueta peppers, coconut milk


    Sautéed Market Fish 15
    charred tomato broth, olives, relish, mushrooms, green rice


    Grilled Certified Angus Ribeye 16
    potato fries, chimichurri, mixed green salad


    Brazilian Chicken Salad Sandwich 10
    roast chicken, apple, mango, raisins, carrots, onion, lemon mayo, choice of side


    Chivito Sandwich 11
    skirt steak, ham, bacon, fried egg, cucumber, onion, queso blanco, smoked tomato aioli, choice of side


    Pork Cheek Burger 12
    hot pickled chayote, crisped onions, mango-agave mustard, Chihuahua cheese, choice of side



    Southern Breeze 3
    grapefruit juice, lemon juice, simple syrup


    Berry Splash 3
    blackberries, raspberries, lime juice, ginger ale


    Mango Cooler 3
    lime juice, mango syrup, mint, soda


    Strawberry Lemonade 3
    strawberries, lemon, soda


    Rosemary Sipper 3
    orange juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, rosemary, serrano

  • Dinner Menu



    Empanadas 8
    corn, salsa blanca, ají verde


    Grilled Provoleta 11
    crostini, chimichurri


    Roasted Squash Soup 7
    coconut milk, malagueta peppers, cashew


    Arugula Salad 9
    goat cheese, fennel, apple


    Burrata and Charbroiled Beets 11
    basil, orange


    Charred Octopus 12
    Chilean pebre, celeriac


    Grilled Shrimp 12
    humita, charred avocado, chimichurri


    Pork Belly Skewers 11
    chicharrón, ají rojo, cilantro


    Argentinean Chorizo 10
    corn, tomato, onion


    Blood Sausage 10
    fingerling potatoes, olive oil, herbs, lemon zest


    Seared Quail 14
    malbec glaze, pear, parsnip



    NY Steak 34
    blue cheese, brussels sprouts, carrots


    Hanger Steak 28
    potatoes, charred onions, chimichurri


    Rib Eye, market price
    mushrooms, baby carrots, potato puree


    Double Cut Pork Chop 28
    mustard seeds, apple, turnips


    Choriburger 18
    crispy pancetta, provolone, Argentinean chorizo spice, grilled onions and tomato, arugula, chimichurri


    Filet 38
    malbec glaze, potatoes, creamed leeks and spinach


    Mixed Parrilla for Two 68
    NY steak, hanger steak, blood sausage, Argentinean chorizo, charred peppers, onions, potatoes, chimichurri



    Seared Scallops 30
    vatapá sauce, crispy yucca, sweety drop peppers


    Braised Lamb Shank 30
    squash, peas, dried fruit


    Red Bird Farms Roasted Chicken 21
    white beans, lemon, peppers


    Today's Seafood Catch, market price
    tomatoes, olives, capers


    Duck Carnitas 22
    salsa verde, greens, charred onion


    Seasonal Vegetables 19
    farro, pickled peppers


    Latin Classic Cocktails

    Nao Margarita 11
    blanco tequila, Cointreau, lime


    Mojito 11
    rum, mint, lime, brown sugar


    Paloma 9
    blanco tequila, grapefruit, lime, seltzer


    Pisco Sour 11
    pisco, lemon, sugar, bitters, egg white


    Seasonal Specialty Beverages

    Chicana 75 8
    Ancho Reyes, Campari, strawberries, lime, brut sparkling


    Singani Sling 9
    singani, raspberries, Mathilde Framboise, lemon, sugar


    Tito's and Hootch 11
    Tito’s Vodka, house-made tepache, rosemary, lemon, salt


    Tepache Fizz 10
    añejo tequila, lemon, house-made tepache, agave, egg white, seltzer, chamoy, pineapple


    Desert Rose 10
    sotol, Punt e Mes, Cocchi Americano, Aperol


    Wahaka Old-Fashioned 10
    Wahaka Mezcal, añejo tequila, agave néctar, bitters

  • Beverage Menu